Feeder Parts

You only need three parts to build your homemade poultry feeder.

  • A plastic pail.
  • A planter tray/saucer/holder. Whatever you call it.
  • Some wood

The Pail

I use a 19L pail for my feeder, but you can use any size you like.

I have a cunning technique for matching the pail to the tray. You might want to write this down. OK, here goes. When you’re in the hardware store pick the size of pail you need. Then carry it over to the gardening section and find a tray that is 4 inches (ish) wider than the base of the pail. Pretty good eh? Works everytime.

Do you need a lid? Well, I use a lid for my turkeys, but not for my chickens. The chickens use it as a roost and the lid gets covered in poop. If the thought of chicken poop on top of your feeder excites you go for it.

The Tray

As I mentioned above, the tray needs to be approximately 4 inches wider than the bottom of the pail. The tray needs to be at least 2 inches deep so the feed doesn’t come over the side. The one I got is 2¾” deep.

The Wood

Your homemade poultry feeder needs a base. We are going to screw from the inside of the pail, through the tray and into the wood. I am using two 12″ pieces of 2″x 4″ for this feeder.

Making The Holes

Next, I made holes in the side of the pail as close to the bottom as possible. I used a 1⅜” (35mm) hole saw drill bit. You could use a utility knife or heat up an old knife, but I don’t recommend this technique. The hole saw is by far the safest method. Remember, it’s hard to pick-up a chicken without fingers.

You don’t want to make the holes to big. I did that on my last feeder and the birds took full advantage of the free-flowing feed, 24 hours later it was empty and the feed was all over the floor of the coop.

I marked the centres of the holes 4″ apart with a black marker. The bottom of the hole needs to be as close to the bottom of the inside of the pail as possible.

Putting Your Homemade Poultry Feeder Together

Put your two pieces of wood together and place the tray on top. Then place the pail on top of the tray making sure everything is centred.

Put some screws through the base of the pail, through the tray and into the wood.

All you need to do is give it a wash, fill it with feed and put it in front of your birds.