Now if you don’t already know, not all hens are created equal.

There are many different heritage breeds to choose from that lay eggs of varying sizes and colours. On top of that, each breed produces a different amount of eggs per year. If that isn’t confusing enough you can also get commercial hybrid hens that can lay over 300 white or brown large eggs a year, approximately 6 eggs a week.

Which Chicken Breed Should I Get?

Check out Henderson’s Handy Dandy Chicken Chart, it’s a list of more than 50 Heritage Breeds with comparative information.

I started off with 4 commercial birds that gave me two dozen large brown eggs a week. If the amount of eggs is your main concern, get commercial hybrid hens, they’re incredible little girls. Then again, check out some of the stunning heritage breeds available.  So they might only lay 150 eggs a year, no problem, just have a bigger flock to make up the egg production.

I’ve just introduced you to a phenomenon known in poultry circles as “Chicken Math”.  Click here to learn more about Chicken math.  It is important not to get carried away ordering those super cute chicks.

How Many Eggs Will I Get?

So now you know, it depends on what breed/type of bird you choose. So educate yourself on the breeds that take your fancy, make a plan and try to stick to it. Good Luck.